Barista Training - latte art


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This class provides the foundation for a barista to show off one of their most important skills; Latte Art.

A beautiful looking milk based coffee is a work of art and testament to the hours of practice a professional barista puts into their craft.

The class will be led by Kris Sandlan who is an award winning latte artist, and will cover in-depth milk techniques (including alternatives to dairy) setting and holding crema, free pouring: hearts, tulips and rosettas.

The pre-requisite In order to attend is experience of espresso production and basic barista knowledge.

Classes are restricted to two persons.

Refunds will not be permitted less than 48hrs before the event date.

This session is suitable for industry professionals who wish to develop their skills.

All training is carried out at our West End store.


  • Wednesday 14th June 1830-2100
  • Wednesday 28th July 1830-2100


Image of Barista Training - latte art