Peru Apolinar Arevalo - Washed


Image of Peru Apolinar Arevalo - Washed

San Jose Lourdes, Cajamarca

Fully Washed

2000 masl

Yellow Caturra

Taste/aroma notes:

Acidity - Complex
Flavours -Raspberry Jam, Molasses, Nutty
Sweetness - fruit Jam
Mouthfeel - Smooth
Aftertaste - Brief

We recommend use with:
filter brewing

Roast days are - Tuesday and Thursday

Dispatch within 24hrs of roast day.

Hailing from the same region of Peru as our selection last year, this year we bring you a select coffee from a few farms all owned by Apolinar Arevalo. The lot has been selected from the Perla, San Pedro and Cedrillo farms, all at 2000 meters above sea level.
The farms produce yellow caturra as a varietal and all undergo an average of twenty two hours of fermentation before being fully washed and then shade dried for twenty six days.

Peru is still a small time coffee producer and faces many difficult challenges before it really breaks into the speciality coffee scene.


  • 250g Whole bean
  • 1kg Whole bean
  • 250g Espresso grind
  • 250g Aeropress grind
  • 250g V60 grind
  • Other grind (detail use)