Kenya Fram Farm Peaberry - Washed


Image of Kenya Fram Farm Peaberry - Washed

Region: Kiambu

Varietal: SL28 Peaberry

Altitude: app: 1850 masl

Process: Washed

Tasting Notes:

Acidity - complex
Flavours - Raspberry, Rhubarb, Rosehip
Sweetness - Fruit
Mouthfeel - Juicy
Aftertaste - moderate

Roast level:

We recommend use with:
Best on filter brews

Roast days are - Tuesday and Thursday

Dispatch within 24hrs of roast day.

Fram is a private farm owned by James Kariruki. It is a small part of a larger farm that had been in the family through previous generations. James inherited 3 acres of farm land from his father when he passed away. Muchunga which was the original name it was 23 acres in size although as is commonplace in Kenya, when the grandfather had passed away before hand the Muchunga farm was split into seven pieces and shared between his widow and six children. That left seven smaller farms left to the family, one of the is the Fram farm.

James has invested in his initial farm land and been able to expand by buying an additional 9 acres. The stems that are here where first planted in the early 80's, he is only growing SL28. In 1993 the wet mill was built and James was able to process the cherry he grew himself on site. The new mill has also enabled James’ brothers to process the coffee that they grown on their own farms locally and benefit from the same standards and practices that allow the Kariruki name to produce such high standards of coffee.

The farm produces AA, AB and PB grades of coffee. In this instance we have opted for the PB, or Peaberry, selection from the farm, which was also entered into the African Taste of Harvest competition this year and won one of the top places. This makes it not only a stunning and complex coffee from Kenya alone, but one of the best beans out of almost a dozen of the African origins.


  • Whole Bean
  • Espresso Grind
  • Aeropress Grind
  • Drip Filter Grind
  • French Press Grind
  • Other Grind (detail use)