Brazil Paolo - Honey process


Image of Brazil Paolo - Honey process

Region: Carmo de Minas

Varietal: Various

Altitude: 950-1200 masl

Process: Honey Process

Tasting Notes:

Aroma - Cashew, Apricot
Acidity - Balanced, malic
Flavours - Orchard Fruit, Honey Cashew and Chocolate
Sweetness - Honey
Mouthfeel - Creamy
Aftertaste - Medium

Roast level:
just short of medium

We recommend use with:
A versatile coffee that will shine on espresso.

Roast days are - Tuesday and Thursday

Dispatch within 24hrs of roast day.

Fazenda IP was first purchased in 1967, by Isidro Pereira, father of Luiz Paolo.
By 1974, Luiz began expanding Fazenda IP: It now covers an area of 720 hectares. This estate cultivates Yellow Catuai, Yellow Catucai, Acaia, and Yellow Bourbon. Nestled outside the city of Carmo de Minas, the farm sits at a range of 950–1200 meters. The high altitude favors a slow ripening of cherry and permits selective picking, which are decisive factors to produce coffees of exceptional quality.

The coffee production is moving away from demucilaginators within the Carmo Cooperative wash stations and this means that after pulping the coffee is dried right away on patios in a manner almost exactly the same as Honey processed coffees from other origins. So the farm has moved from the pulped natural label to the more accurate honey process label.

This shift in processing focus has not only garnered them a sweeter coffee profile for their lots but it has dramatically cut water consumption without impacting on coffee quality.


  • 250g Whole bean
  • 1kg whole bean
  • 250g Espresso grind
  • 250g Aeropress grind
  • 250g V60 grind
  • Other grind (detail use)