Honduras El Triunfo - washed


Image of Honduras El Triunfo - washed

Region: La Pacavas, Copan

Varietal: Red Catuai

Altitude: 1800-2000masl

Process: Washed and Fully Washed

Tasting Notes:

Aroma - Maple, Citrus
Acidity - Balanced, Citrus
Flavours - Sweet Lime, Maple, Almond
Sweetness - Maple Syrup
Mouthfeel - Creamy
Aftertaste - Lasting

Roast level:
just short of medium

We recommend use with:
this is such a versatile it can be used in all methods

Roast days are - Tuesday and Thursday

Dispatch within 24hrs of roast day.

Finca El Triunfo is a farm run by Yolanda Urrea & husband Beltran Alvarado and their 3 children. Beltran who is a trained engineer inherited the farm from his father and wants to continue to improve the quality of the coffee and all aspects of how the farm work. As well as growing Red Catuai they are experimenting now with one manzana of Maragogype for future microlots. As well as growing coffee on the farm they also produce mangoes and oranges, which are available for the workers to pick and eat during harvest. The workers are also accommodated in separated accommodation for women, men & families during the harvest as well as providing modern cooking and cleaning facilities for them. They are also actively working to encourage their children to engage in the coffee farm to look to help secure passionate future generations of coffee farmers.

The coffee is harvested between November & February and once picked the cherries go through an initial separating process, removing any floaters. Once separated and pulped the coffee undergoes a dry fermentation process for between ten to twelve hours allowing the mucilage to loosen. The next phase sees the coffee washed a further three times before being transferred to raised drying beds for the following sixteen to twenty two days depending on the humidity.


  • Whole bean
  • Espresso grind
  • Aeropress grind
  • Drip filter grind
  • French press grind
  • Other grind (detail use)