Brazil A&A Garcia - Natural


Image of Brazil A&A Garcia - Natural

Region: Sul de Minas

Varietal: Catuai Amarelo

Altitude: 860-950 masl

Process: Natural

Tasting Notes:

Acidity - medium
Flavours - Hazelnut, Red Berry
Sweetness - Chocolate
Mouthfeel - creamy
Aftertaste - lasting

Roast level:
Light to medium

We recommend use with:
all brewing methods

Roast days are - Tuesday and Thursday

Dispatch within 24hrs of roast day.


  • 250g Whole bean
  • 250g Espresso grind
  • 250g Aeropress grind
  • 250g V60 grind
  • Other grind (detail use)
  • 1kg Whole bean